Rajasthan Homeless Upliftment and Rehabilitation Policy 2022

The state government has implemented ‘Rajasthan Homeless Upliftment and Rehabilitation Policy 2022’.

Under this policy, survey and identification of homeless people will be done in the first phase by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Its objective is to provide education, empowerment, employment and training opportunities to the homeless persons to bring them in the mainstream of adequate housing and development.

The survey work will be completed in the next two months by the stakeholders related to the rehabilitation of the homeless across the state.

Based on the data and information of the survey, the future outline of the scheme will be decided.

The work of the survey will be done at the division level, district level and gram panchayat level.

The main purpose

Providing a roof to the homeless in the state with a minimum space of 50 square feet per person.

Providing proper privacy and security to special category people.

Providing basic needs like drinking water, medical facilities, education, security etc.

Getting the shelter home (shelter place) operating for the homeless people.

To empower the deserving people by providing them education, skills and employment.

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