RASBABA reserves the right, at any time, to charge fees for accessing whole or part of the Sites. If, at any time, you are required to pay fee for accessing any part of the Sites, you will be intimated about the same and you will be allowed to access such part of the Site only upon payment of a fee (“Subscription Fee”) for a particular period specified at the time of subscription (“Subscription Period”).

The Subscription Fee is non-refundable and during the Subscription Period, you are not required to pay any other charge towards subscription, unless there is a change in applicable tax. Subscription Fee can be paid in any of the modes listed on the Sites from time to time. Your payment of Subscription Fee does not guarantee your subscription. Once subscribed for any subscription plan on https://www.Rasbaba.in, ‘RASBABA’ shall not transfer the money to be adjusted against any other subscriber. ‘RASBABA’ reserves the right to reject your request for subscription without assigning any reason. Under such circumstances, the Subscription Fee will be repaid without any interest.

‘RASBABA’ reserves the right to revise the Subscription Fee from time to time. Rasbaba, at its sole discretion, may allow you to renew the subscription after You may be allowed to renew the subscription after the expiry of the Subscription Period, upon payment of Subscription Fee prevalent at the time of renewal. Extra Payment Refund Policy, In case RASBABA receives extra payments for any subscription plan by any means, after receiving proofs for such claims, RASBABA will try to refund the extra charges within 15 days. The ways may include direct bank transfer using NEFT/IMPS or amount reversal collected through payment gateway.

For any bank related formalities during payment process, RASBABA has no liability to pay for any damages which resulted solely due to bank processing or negligence from the side of the student. Subscribers are advised to take up such matters directly with the bank.

Contact us at Contact@rasbaba.in for questions related to refunds and returns.