New Rajasthan Handicrafts Policy 2022

Rajasthan Handicrafts Policy 2022

Rajasthan Handicrafts Policy 2022- Main objectives

The CM Ashok Gahlot has released Rajasthan Handicrafts policy 2022 and the MSME policy 2022 on the occasion of MSME Day.

Economic upliftment and development of handicraftmen of the state.

To arrange better marketing for the products of Handicraftsmen of the state.

To make the products of the Handicrafts of the state exportable and to get International recognition and increase the participation of the state in Exports.

Reviving the dying traditional handicrafts.

Empowering Handicraftsmen of the state and ensuring their participation in the development of the state.

To provide 50,000 new employment opportunities in the next five years in the field of handicrafts.

Rajasthan Handicrafts Policy 2022- Operation period:-

Rajasthan Handicrafts policy 2022 will be in effect from the date of the notification(17 Sep 2022) till March 31 2026.

Provisions of the Rajasthan Handicrafts Policy 2022 :-

Rajasthan Handicraft Week:- A National level handicraft week, Rajasthan Haat Jaipur will be organised every year in the month of December with the view to marketing of the products of the state handicrafts.

Award & Reward:-

Arrangement of state level awards in the following categories on the occasion of handicraft Week will be done

. Best young handicraftsman up to 35 years old

. Best female handicrafts

. Best artist who made a special contribution to the dying traditional handicrafts

. Exporter doing marketable works in the Handicrafts export sector

Brand building of the Rajasthani handicrafts

Barcoding, tagging, incentive to Hallmark etc.

At least one handicraft product will be identified and encouraged under the ODOP (one district one product) scheme in every district of the state.

Development of e portal and mobile app state level.

Making brand ambassador to the celebrities for cabinet personality in this field.

Documentation of Rajasthani handicrafts.

Revitalizing traditional and dying craftsmanship.

Identification, marking and data of artefacts.

Social Security:-

Group insurance for the artisans, Handicrafts and Handloom cluster in the age of group of 18 to 50 years.

Bear premium amount on insurance schemes like pm Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana for handloom etc.

Providing scholarship.

Simplification of market development assistance scheme

Daily allowances

Rural and urban hearts- Rs. 450 daily

Other places in the state- Rupees 450 daily

Outside the state- Rupees 600 daily

Providing common facility centres

. Providing financial assistance up to 3 lacs. Interest on that loan will be paid by the state government.

. Handicraft designing Centre will be established in Jodhpur.

. State level handicraft Museum will be established in Jaipur. Small handicraft Museum will be established in 13 districts of the state.

. A model handicraft Centre will be established in Jaipur.

. Handicraft design Bank will be established in Rajasthan haat Jaipur.

. A State Level Monitoring Committee will be constituted for the purpose of time bound implementation of the provisions of the Handicraft Policy.

State Level Monitoring Committee

  1. Minister of Industry & Commerce, Rajasthan Government – Chairman
  2. Additional Chief / Principal Secretary/Secretary, Industries, Commerce & MSME – Member
  3. Additional Chief/Principal Secretary/ Secretary, Finance Department – Member
  4. Principal Secretary/ Secretary, Tourism Department – Member
  5. Principal Secretary/ Secretary, Art and Culture Department – Member
  6. Managing Director, Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation – Member
  7. Director, Women Empowerment Department – Member
  8. Director, Minority Affairs and Waqf Board – Member
  9. Director, Indian Institute of Craft & Design – Member
  10. Handicraft Experts nominated by the State Government – Members (three members)
  11. Commissioner, Industries & Commerce – Member Secretary.

Industries, Commerce & MSME Department will be the Administrative Department for the
purpose of issuing necessary directions and guidelines with respect to the implementation of the
Handicraft Policy.

Rajasthan Handicrafts Policy 2022

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