Invest Rajasthan Summit 2022

Invest Rajasthan summit 2022

Invest Rajasthan summit 2022 is State’s active investor outreach program comprising domestic, national and international investor meets, embassy connect programs and virtual seminars. The program aims at soliciting investment proposals, processing them on a mission mode and taking them to fruition.

Invest Rajasthan Summit-2022 – Many investors from across the country and abroad participated in the ‘Invest Rajasthan-2022’ held on October 7-8 in Jaipur.

Theme of the Summit – ‘Committed and Delivered Invest’. 

Around 4,192 investment proposals worth about Rs 10.44 lakh crore have been signed even before the main event. According to state government officials, so far about 40 per cent of the investment proposals have already been implemented before the conference or are in the process of implementation.

These projects will create employment opportunities for more than 32 thousand people.

Six people were honored with ‘Rajasthan Ratna’ during the summit. These include Shri Dalveer Bhandari, a Judge of the International Court of Justice, Shri R. M. Lodha, Steel King Mr. L. N. Mittal, Mr. Anil Agarwal of Vedanta Group, Mr. Sheen Kauf Nizam of the famous Poet and Mr. K.C. Malu of Veena Cassette.

The chief minister also launched the first non-resident Rajasthani (NRR) policy and the Rajasthan Foundation’s website during the Non Resident Rajasthani (NRR) Conclave session.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been appointed as the national partner for organizing this summit.

The Chief Minister also launched the ‘Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme 2022’ (RIPS-2022) during the Invest Rajasthan Summit.




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