Right to Health Bill, 2022

Right to Health Bill, 2022

The Rajasthan Right to Health Bill, 2022 was passed in the State Legislative Assembly.

After this bill is passed, no hospital can refuse treatment in case of emergency. If a hospital refuses, there is a provision for a fine of up to ₹10,000 on the first complaint and up to ₹25,000 on subsequent complaints.

In this law, provision has been made for reimbursement by the state government in case of emergency, in case the cost of treatment is not borne by the concerned patient.

Hospitals with less than 50 beds will not come under the purview of this law.

Provision of district level authority has also been made.

There is a provision to link the big hospitals which have been provided land by the state government at a concessional rate, under the Right to Health Bill.

Every resident of the state shall have the following rights –

  • Information on nature, causes, proposed investigations and care of diseases.
  • Information on the expected results, possible complications and costs of the treatment.
  • Availability of OPD or IPD services, medical consultation, medicine, diagnosis, emergency transport and emergency patient care free of charge and without prepayment.
  • No delay in treatment in serious cases waiting for police clearance or report.
  • Patient’s medical records, test reports and detailed bill information for treatment expenses.
  • Name and job chart of person providing care and treatment.
  • Patient confidentiality, privacy and human dignity during treatment and care.
  • Information on rates of health check-up and treatment and availability of options for treatment.
  • Medical record information for opinion from other hospital, doctors during treatment.
  • Complete information about disease status, treatment, referral transport from health center, hearing and redressal of any complaint during and after treatment.


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