‘Mahablidani Pannadhay Panorama’ will be built at Pandoli, the ancestral place of mother Pannadhay in Chittorgarh.

Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot has approved Rs 4 crore for this panorama.

About Pannadhay  

Panna Dhai was the foster mother of Rana Udai Singh, son of Rana Sanga. Panna Dhay was a Khinchi Chauhan Rajput.

After the death of Rana Sanga, his maidservant son Banveer wanted to become the ruler of Chittor. That’s why Banveer went to kill Uday Singh after killing Maharana Vikramaditya.

Panna Dhai got information about this in advance and instead of Uday Singh, he made his son Chandan sleep on Uday Singh’s bed. Banveer killed Panna’s son mistaking him for Uday Singh.

Panna Dhay reached Kumbhalgarh with Uday Singh. Asha Depura, the fortguard of Kumbhalgarh, gave him shelter. At the same time, all the Mewari Sardars declared Uday Singh as Maharana in 1536. Uday Singh captured Chittor in 1540.

In this way Pannadhay saved the Mewar dynasty by sacrificing his son.

Panna Bhai is always remembered in the history of Mewar because of his devotion to his lord.

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