Nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion

American scientists claim to have successfully completed the nuclear fusion reaction.

Nuclear fusion is the process of generating clean energy like the sun. 

When two or more atoms combine to form a larger atom, they release a large amount of energy. 

It mainly uses deuterium and tritium elements. Both of these are isotopes of hydrogen, which are found in water. If it is successful, the dependence of humans on fossil fuels will end forever.

Difference between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission

In nuclear fusion, two or more atoms are joined together, whereas in nuclear fission, it is the opposite. In this, a large atom is broken into two or more smaller parts.

Nuclear Fusion can be easily seen in nature, like stars and sun but fission cannot be easily observed in nature.

In nuclear fusion a very less amount of radioactive byproducts are produced as compared to nuclear fission. So nuclear fusion is comparatively very clean energy.

Nuclear fusion process need very high amount of temperature and pressure as compared to nuclear fission.


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