Anang Pal Tomar 2nd made famous Anang Tal Lake

Anang Pal Tomar

Anang Pal Tomar

Anang Tal Lake has been declared as a monument of national importance by the archaeology department.

This lake is situated in Mehrauli, Delhi NCR.

This lake was built by AnangPal Tomar II of Tomar Dynasty in 11th century.

Anangpal Tomar II

Anangpal was a king of Tomar dynasty. He was the founder of Dhillika Puri, which later became Delhi during Sultanate period.

The Tomar dynasty shifted its capital in the 8th century), to Dhillikapuri (Delhi) during the reign of Anang Pal Tomar II.

Under his supervision, Anang Tal Baoli and Lal Kot Fort were constructed.

He ruled over the parts of present-day Delhi and Haryana between the 8th and 12th centuries.

Anangpal Tomar was maternal Grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan.

Delhi Sultanate was established in 1192 after Prithviraj Chauhan’s defeat in the  Second Battle of Tarain(1192) to the  Ghurid army led by Muhammad Ghori.

Anang Pal Tomar

PrithviRaj Raso also claims that Delhi was established by the Anangpal Tomar–

हुं गड्डि गयौ किल्ली सज्जीव हल्लाय करी ढिल्ली सईव

 फिरि व्यास कहै सुनि अनंगराइ भवितव्य बात मेटी न जाइ

 (Anangpal established the “Killi” (nail) in Dhilli. This tale cannot be removed from history ever).

Source- Wikipedia


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