2 August 2022 current affairs RPSC

current affairs RPSC

current affairs RPSC

current affairs RPSC

  • First session of G20 summit will be held in the city palace in Udaipur district in December.
  • Devnarayan integrated residential scheme: Started in the Kota city for animal keepers. It is a integrated scheme where animal keepers can live along with their animals in the city with well built infrastructure environment.
  • Places in news 

Mahajan field range Bikaner

Simlipal National Park- Odisha

Manas national Park- Assam

Sahid Behesthi port – Iran

Astrakhan port in Russia.Nhava port in Mumbai. These both were in news because containers shipped from Astrakhan port to Nhava port through International North- South Transport Corridor (INTC)

INSTC– It is 7200km multimodal transport corridor. It include Road, Rail and Maritime transport system. It connects India and Russia via central asia and Iran. It was established on 12th September 2000 in St. Petersburg, by Iran, Russia and India. It links Indian ocean to Caspian sea via Persian gulf.

  • Chabahar Day- 31 July 
  • Google will laaunch its street view services in India in association with Gensys international company and Tech Mahindra Company.
  • Military Exercise between India and Oman

AI Najah- between army- to be in Rajasthan in this month

 Easten Bridge-Between Air force 

Naseem AI Bahr- Between Naval force.

  • Vinbex– 3rd joint military exercise between India and Vietnam going on in Panchkula, Haryana

current affairs RPSC

current affairs RPSC
current affairs RPSC

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